Our Photo-Booth project - VR Photo-booth - Spring 2018 We were playing with our Insta 360 Pro camera and we thought “what if we could remove the background and replace it with a 360° image? We partnered with Autogroep Raes and created a ‘360 Photo-Booth’ unit or cube. From there you can teleport yourself in Virtual Reality in environments from around the world (and beyond!). Available now for events and experiential marketing activations. Place your guests on any background imaginable! Our project in Journalism - De Verhaaldoos - Winter 2017 The Flemish Minister of Media Sven Gatz (Open Vld) distributes more than € 200,000 in subsidies for five innovative journalism projects. We received a subsidy to launch the "Verhaaldoos.be", a set of advice, training and a free virtual reality model that allows media companies and media users to experiment with applications in the field of virtual reality. The technology we used is based on the OntoVR platform and software. Our projects in Education - Syntra - Autumn 2017 Syntra Midden-Vlaanderen, campus Ghent was the first school in Flanders to fully exploit the potential of VR in education. With the course "Virtual Reality 360 producer" they deliver the first graduated VR producers in June 2018. In addition to basic photography and video editing, they learned more about pre-production, production and post-production of VR storytelling. There were also internships where they got the practice and as a thesis they made their own 360 ° story. Our projects in lifestyle - Sanoma/Flair - Summer 2017 Given the explosion of interest in virtual reality among media organizations, we builded a tool - cloud based, called GOviaR.com - that enables every journalist to create and publish his VR-story within a minimum of time. Sanoma wants to deliver their audience a memorable experience and create even more immersive experience with VR technology. Simply by wearing stereoscopic recording equipment in interesting environments or while reporting on events, they can put their audience at the heart of the story they're telling. Our projects in Belgium - Flanders Coast 3.0 - Spring 2017 It's always been our dream to do something in our local market. The Flanders Coast 42 miles long stretch of sandy coastline has 13 resorts, each with its own character and unique atmosphere. The Flemish coast offers a wide range of sport and recreation facilities. The resorts are well connected by public transport: de “Kusttram” drives all the way from Knokke to De Panne. Flanderscoast 4.0, a VR destination in progress. Our projects in Belgium - summer 2013 Starting as Google Street View Trusted photographers we became the #1 in Europe with more than 3000 virtual tours published on Google. From small businesses to the largest companies, we work with industries of all shapes and sizes to market properties and bring them to life. Our projects in Latin America - Yucatan, winter 2013 Pioneering with new state of the art VR technologies based on the profesional Nikon camera's and KR Pano's high-performance Viewer. On top of just providing a 360 Viewing experience for the customer, our state-of-the-art photography technology strengthens a business’ web presence and positively affect the number of website views. Our projects in Mexico - Cozumel, summer 2014 Creating and Editing virtual tours on this beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea was a unique experience. Tourism, diving and charter fishing comprise the majority of the island’s economy. The potential of VR in destination/tourism marketing lies in its ability to provide extensive sensory information that the internet and traditional methods of advertising simply can’t provide. Our projects in South Africa - Western Cape, winter 2014 About two-thirds of the inhabitants live in the metropolitan area of Cape Town. In Hermanus the idea to build virtualtour.city became reality. Bredasdorp was the firts virtual city ever captured. In our opinion, the travel industry in particular will benefit from its ROI and should go with this trend because of its visual and emotional product features. Our projects in Spain - Malaga, summer 2015 The Coast of the Sun inspired us to focus on mass production in shooting and producing virtual tours. Was it possible to publish more than 25 locations a day by a single photographer? For content creators, the potential of 360-degree photo and video is immense, but it'll require a shift in thinking. Our projects in Hungary - Budapest, winter 2015 Looking for new partnerships to put the virtualtour.city project into the international market. We have not only reached our target but we have also created a reliable and capable VR ecosystem. VR has the promise of making you feel present in another place, another time, or to have a perspective that you couldn’t have otherwise. Our projects in Slowakia - Kosice, spring 2016 The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Our new strategic partnership with Dr. Attila Toth, managing director of e-Content Store has been build up a global reseller network with Erasmus students. In 5 working days more then 550 locations in Kosice have been captured in 360° virtual tours. Our projects in Brazil - Rio de Janeiro, summer 2016 We left to Rio de Janeiro to capture thousands of bars, restaurants, hotels, shops and sight seeing’s in preparation of the Olympic Games. Today, the Yellow Pages "Telelistas" is in the Top 3 Virtual Agencies of South & Latin America. Our projects in Portugal - Porto, autumn 2016 We developed a number of experiences to go along with the new virtual-reality headsets. Virtual reality has the potential to change daily life the way smartphones and social media did. Our projects in Argentina - Buenos Aires, winter 2016 Buenos Aires, winter 2016 Probably one of the biggest performances ever done in the VR-industry. Capturing thousands of virtual tours in only four weeks. The Yellow Pages "Guru Soluciones" became the #1 virtual tour Agency in South America. The story of the city De Haan Explore this city in a virtual tour. Experiencing its wonderful nature Savouring the most beautiful seaside village Relaxing with friends and family brings out the best in you, anytime! We also attract more visitors to this touristic destination applying gamification technics and using other innovative digital tools. The story of Sunparks Explore their Lodges by using our virtual tour or enjoy their full range of accommodation. We were commissioned to capture all accommodation categories and facilities at their sites. This service allows the guests to see inside the parks prior to arrival. The strategy is simple: to present the area as close to reality. The story of Resto.be An online virtual tour of your restaurant can make all the difference between getting customers and losing business. Today, the web is a prime source of information when people are looking for places to go on a night out. Photography is highly influential, but an online virtual tour let people see your restaurant for themselves! The story of Holiday Suites Explore your Holiday Suite as if you were actually there! Tourism and the Hospitality industry is one of the most exciting areas for Virtual Tours. Short term rental are ideal for 360 virtual tours. This is a booming industry. If two accommodation’s are similar in specification and price, but only one has the ability for the customer to tour the rooms - ask yourself which one you would be happier renting? The story of Easykit The company's success is closely connected to their intuition of facilitating a do-it-yourself maintenance at home, thanks to an accurate customer service that is so dear to the Belgians, even in the plumbing and heating sector. The company named EasyKit opened in January 2015 but today, thanks to their Virtual showroom they are open 24/7. The story of Busworld Exhibitions virtual tours are perhaps the most interesting way of having an idea what the market has to offer. We were commissioned to shoot a selection of exhibition virtual tours to give potential visitors and exhibitors a flavour of what they can expect at the fair. Busworld is the oldest and most famous bus and coach exhibition. The story of the city Kosice, European City of Sport 2016 European City of Sport 2016 Košice, Slovakia's second biggest city, achieved international success when it became the European City of Sport in 2016. The Teledom conference centre in kosice is a school of innovation and hospitality in slovakia. It's always been our pleasure and an honnor to work with Dr. Attila Toth, Founder and Director of TeleDom on-line Business School. The story of the city Sambreville you can get a taste of the small-town atmosphere looking at the virtual tours they made. They may also decide to privatise certain services and to enter into joint ventures with the private sector without asking for explicit approval. Experience Sambreville's City Hall in an immersive virtual reality tour featuring 360 degree photography and audio narratives. The story of the city Rio de Janeiro, Olympics 2016 If you did not travel to Brazil for the Summer Olympics, you can still explore the geography and culture of Rio de Janeiro. Google has also combined their familiar Street View technology with narration in virtual tours of more than 20 famous locations in Rio, such as the statue of Christ the Redeemer, with its panoramic views, or the white sand beach at Ipanema. The story of the city Mol Mol is a municipality located in the Belgian province of Antwerp. Mol is a popular holiday resort, with a number of lakes surrounded by woods. In the most northern corner of Mol, leaning against the Dutch border, in the woody hamlet Postel, lies the imposing abbey. Staying in Mol for a while includes a day of shopping. The story of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Start discovering the particularities of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg! The country boasts a fascinating variety of contrasts on its limited territory: a rich history and exemplary modernity, local flair and cosmopolitanism, big and small, hills and vales ... Birthplace of the idea of ​​a unified Europe, headquarters of many European institutions, focal point for different cultures, Luxembourg is today home to a European microcosm. The story of the city Lier Explore Lier, located in the Belgian province of Antwerp, at your own pace. Lier is known for its beers, including 'Caves', its patron saint 'St. Gummarus' and the tart 'Lierse vlaaikes'. It is also home to Van Hool, one of the largest manufacturers of buses and coaches. Take the virtual walk on your smartphone or tablet and start your discovery tour. The story of the city Porto The name of the city of Porto eventually influenced the name of the whole country. Discover the services of the best places in Porto, thanks to our virtual tour. Imagine walking or driving through a city and the city itself tells you which trendy spots to check out, where to park your car in that moment, or which areas to avoid because of air quality or traffic congestion. In Porto, Portugal, this vision has become a reality. The story of the city Beersel Located just south of Brussels, in the capital’s surprisingly green, Flemish periphery, is a municipality that boasts a particularly rich and varied tourist offer. With its central location, Beersel is moreover easily accessible from across Flanders. Beersel is a surprisingly versatile municipality with a great deal to be discovered. Embark on a discovery tour of the Castle of Beersel or find out all there is to know about our delicious lambic beers. The story of the city Budapest Although Budapest, the capital of Hungary, has quite a rich historical heritage, "technically" it is a rather young city. Enjoy the history, buildings, monuments, churches and so much more during a virtual walking tour. This drives you through the most important sights of Budapest. The story of 125 years Antwerp Gazette Excellent well-illustrated history of 125 years Gazet van Antwerpen, the most popular newspaper. The Gazet van Antwerpen, popularly named De Frut, was established in 1891. That deserved a pop-up bar. Cheers! Experience the best in Virtual Reality storytelling directly on your computer, smart phone, or VR headset. The story of the city Buenos Aires We really enjoyed walking through the streets of Buenos Aires, in spite of certain desolation. The virtual tour of Buenos Aires, made by Guru Soluciones, offers 360° panoramas, photos and videos accompanied by a guide that showcases all interesting places to discover. Plan your Buenos Aires travel itinerary and sightseeing with teh Yellow Pages panoramic virtual tour. The story of the city Santiago de Chile The Spanish conquistador Pedro de Valdivia, who reached the coast of Chile in the middle of the 16th century, founded the city which was named in the honour of Saint James, the patron saint of pilgrims. It was decided to locate the city at the foot of the Andes, about 100 kilometers away from the Pacific coast at an elevation of around 540 meters above sea level. Every second hand car has a story Tired of using flat marketing systems to help sell your car inventory? Our car interior 360 photography is of an advertising standard. The confined space and proximity of features add up to make automotive interiors the most technically challenging of all 360 degree photography. Our HTML5 solution is compatible with mobile devices and can also be used as a fully immersive virtual reality experience using a VR headset.

Our Photo-Booth project - VR Photo-booth - Spring 2018

We were playing with our Insta 360 Pro camera and we thought “what if we could remove the background and replace it with a 360° image? We partnered with Autogroep Raes and created a ‘360 Photo-Booth’ unit or cube. From there you can teleport yourself in Virtual Reality in environments from around the world (and beyond!). Available now for events and experiential marketing activations. Place your guests on any background imaginable!

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