nuntra (The esperanto nun·tra: ahoravía / agoravia / nuvia / oravia / tansvia / …) delivers the full spectrum of cloud services to companies across the world. This by publishing virtual tours from across the world, engaging visitors with a rich media experience.

We help our clients capture their audience, communicate their message, collaborate and support their brand. We do this by approaching their goals creatively rather than just technically and attending to every last detail. We use our decades of international experience, full range of current technology, and a dedicated team of motivated personalities to amaze clients with what can be done.


Nuntra is the brainchild of Johan Beselaere and Bart Verhaegen both living in the Capital of Europe, Belgium.
We specialise in producing the highest level of interactive photography in the form of Next Generation Virtual Tours.

Virtual tours are proven to engage web visitors for longer, meaning more time to view products and facilities. No doubt that Interactive virtual tours win on popularity and insure more conversion and a quickly return on investment. We take pride in creating each virtual tour to be unique and distinguished by incorporating additional informative content and layers through the use many features as links to reservation systems and much more.

We handle all requirements and make sure all 360 projects run as smoothly as possible. We provide strategic, creative, and production coordination to ensure that every detail is covered from pre-production “all the way” to final delivery to make sure the audience gets the best viewing experience possible.

Virtual reality is going to grow like crazy over the next five years and is the newest trend, nobody wants to miss out. Virtual reality is just getting started. Often the hard part is to predict when something will happen, not what will happen … Anyway, the creative possibilities of virtual reality are endless.


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